Corporate Information Board of Directors and Team

Board of Directors and Team

Juan Manuel
Urquijo de la Sierra


Professional Experience

A Law Graduate from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, MIM from the American Graduate School of International Management and a graduate in Business Science from ESADE. He has worked in the banking sector and has a very extensive experience that he acquired starting at Banco Urquijo Hispano Americano, Ltd., Banco Urquijo, S.A., and Urquijo Leasing, S.A.

In the business sector, he has been director of first class companies both in Europe as well as throughout the Americas, such as A.D.A., S.A., Ediciones Agenda, S.A., Grupo Mundial Tenedora, S.A., Banvivienda, S.A., Aseguradora Mundial, S.A., Mundial Asset Managment, S.A., Mundial Fiduciaria, S.A., American Assist Europa, S.A., 3D-Technologies, Bimagen, S.A. He has participated as partner and has collaborated in the management of the companies London-Mi. Group and Energy Factor, S.A., and in the main company developing real estate projects in the Old Sector of Panama City, Inmobiliaria San Felipe, S.A.


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