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Message from the CEO of the Board of Directors

Message from the CEO of the Board of Directors:

Due to the environment of stability and sustained growth shown by our country in comparison with the rest of the countries of Latin America, the economic impulse observed throughout the years, and the future projections presented by analysts, Panama, being an important International Financial Centre, is and will continue to be, a strategic Centre for Business Development.

This is why, a diverse group of businessmen in various economic activities constituted Central Fiduciaria, S.A., a Trust Company licensed under Resolution No. 0016 of September 4, 2013 of the “Superintendencia de Bancos de Panamá”, for the purpose of providing services for financial institutions with a view to developing asset management businesses belonging to third parties, with a conservative approach and specialized management of a very technical nature and high corporate standards.

Our strategy is to maintain your assets always safe and managed in a professional manner, according to the needs of our clients.

For this we have a team of long-standing professional promoters dedicated to this type of financial activity and where the fiduciary duty becomes a complement according to the needs demanded by our clients. In the quest to maintain the highest quality standards, Central Fiduciaria, S.A., is proud to be the first Trust Company in Panama to have a risk rating.





Fernando Sucre M.