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Message from the CEO and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Message from the CEO and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors:

The environment of stability and sustained growth that our country shows in comparison with the rest of Latin American countries, together with the economic momentum observed over several years and the projections that analysts present for the future, reveal that Panama is and will continue being a relevant center for business development, as it continues to represent a strategic and important international financial center.

For this reason, a diverse group of businessmen from various economic backgrounds came together to form Central Fiduciaria, S.A., a trust company with license approved by Resolution No. 0016 of September 4, 2013 from the Superintendence of Banks of Panama, with the purpose of providing financial services with a view to developing asset management businesses of different natures belonging to third parties, with conservative criteria and specialized management of a technical nature, and high corporate standards.

Our strategy is to maintain our client’s assets always safe, professionally managed, according to our client’s specific needs. For this, we rely on our team of expert professionals, who have a long history dedicated to this type of activity, and where the fiduciary work becomes a bespoke complement to the needs that our clients’ demand. In the quest to maintain the highest quality standards, Central Fiduciaria, S.A., is proud to be the first trust company in Panama to have a risk rating.





Fernando Sucre M.
CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Board