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Administration Trust

Administration Trust

It refers to the business by virtue of which the trustor delivers an asset or assets to the fiduciary entity, with or without transfer of ownership, for it to administer and carry out the entrusted management, allocating them together with the respective returns, if any, to the compliance of the stated purpose.

The following modalities exist:

Administration and payments.

Its purpose is the administration of sums of money or other assets that together with their returns, if any, can be used for the timely and adequate fulfillment of the obligations indicated by the constituent.

Administration of securitization processes.

Its purpose is the issuance and / or administration of an issuance of securities arising from a process of securitization of assets and goods.

Portfolio management.

Its main purpose is the administration of productive and unproductive portfolios of financial entities and / or the real sector.

Administration of bankruptcy procedures.

It is presented by virtue of the appointment of the trust company as settlement agent or promoter of a bankruptcy process such as, for example, restructuring agreements, the reorganization process and the judicial liquidation process, and its objective is the administration of resources affected by its purpose.