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Real Estate Trust

Real Estate Trust

The objective of the Real Estate Trust is the administration of resources and assets related to a real estate project, or the administration of the resources associated with the development and execution of said project.

There are different modalities of real estate trust commonly known and they can be classified, as follows:

Pre-sale real estate trust.

Its purpose is to entrust the fiduciary company with the administration and collection of monies coming from the real estate project promotion delivered by those interested in the project, while the necessary conditions are met to be allocated to its development.

Treasury Real Estate Trust

Its purpose is to entrust to the fiduciary company the investment and administration of the monetary resources destined to the execution of the real estate project, according to what is established in the respective fiduciary contract.

Real Estate Administration and payments Trust

By means of the celebration of a commercial trust contract, an autonomous patrimony is constituted, to which the real estate from which the real estate project will be incorporated, for the purpose of the fiduciary company making the payments associated with its development in accordance with the instructions indicated in the constitutive act, and transfer the units built to those who are beneficiaries of the respective contract.