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María Elena
Sucre de Arosemena

Treasury Director

Professional Experience

Maria Elena Sucre de Arosemena is a medical doctor, graduated in 1989 from the School of Medicine at the University of Panama. After finishing her medical residency requirements, she completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Louisville University.

1991 – 2009: Held various positions focused on the growth and restructuring of marketing and sales programs for: Novartis, Schering Plough, Revlon, Grupo Tzanetatos, Kimberly Clark and Dell. Her responsibilities included the development of the sales force and their particular markets and the establishment of visibility and product placement policies and standards. She also worked on the enhancement of branding by improving packaging and international sales and revamping all aspects in the sales and merchandising of business lines, obtaining excellent results.

2009 – Present:  Vice President of Development at Concesionarios Rogemena, S.A. (McDonald´s Franchisee in Panama). Actively leads and procures financing for the opening of new restaurant locations, creates business plans and generates innovative revenue driven improvements with the support of new technology, financials, and management plans.

Owner of “SAVE MART, S.A.”, a general supply business in Herrera, Panama.

Member of the Board of Directors for Grupo Financiero CF, S.A.

Member of the Executive Committee for Central Financiera, S.A.

María Elena de Arosemena has worked for several charities, such as Kiwanis and Fundación Pro-Niñez.  She has also been part of the Board of Directors for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (“RMHC”) for over 10 years.  Spearheaded fund-raising efforts for the construction of the house in Panama and has pledged resources for the ongoing operation since its opening.  Participates in maintaining relations between the RMHC and government entities, as well as other community associations and individuals that provide support to the charity.


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